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See seven of the most beautiful places in the Alpine area of Slovenia. This 7 Alpine Wonders tour is the ideal choice for nature lovers. Hassle-free trip with entrance to Triglav National Park include. This tour lasts approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Spend a day admiring the natural outdoor beauty of Slovenia on this 7 Alpine Wonders tour. Take the stress out of driving on rural roads by having round-trip transport in an air-conditioned minivan provided. You won’t have to worry about your trip being overcrowded as this is a small-group tour limited to eight travelers. See many alpine highlights in a day such as Triglav National Park, Waterfall Peričnik, Soca gorge, Lake Predel, Lake Jasna, and Mount Spik.

See seven of the most beautiful places in the Alpine area of Slovenia
This 7 Alpine Wonders tour is the ideal choice for nature lovers
This small-group tour is limited to eight travelers
Hassle-free trip with entrance to Triglav National Park included

Explore beautiful Slovenia – the best sights in upper Sava valley and Soča valley in a one-day tour that will lead you to 7 Alpine wonders! Gorenjska region has many beautiful natural sights. Beautiful canyons, waterfalls, protected plants and animals, diverse forests and parks – all this is the countryside in upper Sava valley and emerald river Soča valley. The diverse environment offers many opportunities for resting and recreation. Passionate climbers can reach many peaks. Cyclists and hikers will be thrilled about various thematic trails. Clear rivers attract the fans of water sports and fishing. Each corner of region Gorenjska attracts with its story. It eagerly waits to whisper it to you as well.The best trip in Slovenia in shortThe Alpine region has many natural sights which take the breath away from the most critical observers. And indeed, many Slovenian and foreign tourists take a bow in front of them. The trip you will take is particularly interesting. It includes the best from the best. Many attractions, beautiful nature, and a perfect break – all this guarantees an unforgettable adventure that you will remember forever. You will be able to include your favourite activity as the cherry on the cake, whether it is rafting on the emerald river Soča or a zipline adventure above the river. Leisure activities are also provided and you will be able to use them in the available free time.
Peričnik WaterfallPericnik waterfall in Vrata valley-Mojstrana-Kranjska Gora.
We will begin the tour in Mojstrana  or we can also pick you up at another location: Bled… We will go towards the Peričnik Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Slovenia, which is 52 meters tall. It is protected as a natural heritage and has changed its course by carving its wall many times. You can notice that in the carved lines of the wall. Peričnik waterfall is a global phenomenon of a special kind. You can also walk under it by going behind the waterfall. It offers unique refreshment in the summertime and a spectacular experience in the winter when it is frozen. And it is situated in Vrata valley one of the most known valleys from where you can climb up to Triglav. A wonderful view is guaranteed and the pure power of the waterfall will inspire you and leave you speechless!
Špik mountain chainSpik mountain chain above the Gozd Martuljek village.
The trail will lead us to an astonishing view where the Špik Mountain will appear in front of us. This beauty is definitely worth of another view. It’s narrow peak or sharpened head which it proudly displays from the northern side stirs the imagination of everyone who takes a look at its mighty image. We will climb an easy trail to the amazing viewing point to view the idyllic beauties in the surrounding area.
Zelenci National ReserveZelenci national reserve – small green natural pool where is the Sava spring.
We will continue the trip to the valley of the Sava with its waterfalls and lakes. We will go to the emerald and mysterious little lake Zelenci which is located immediately after the Podkoren village. The Sava Dolinka river spring is at Zelenci. You will be able to observe tiny bubbles rising from the ground in the crystal clear water. Many interesting plants, including the common sundew, found the home in this natural reserve. There are also many amphibians and nesting birds in the area. The layers of chalk give the lake its characteristic blue-green colour. It really is a feast for the eyes!
Lake PredilPredil lake is cute green lake very close to Rajbel village.
We will cross the Italian border and soon arrive at the vivid Rabelj Lake in the mountains. You can find your peace here and enjoy the beauties of nature. It was created in maritime depression and is of glacial origin. The legend says that it was supposedly created because the locals did not want to offer accommodation to a foreign woman with a small child. Only an old man had mercy for them. A mighty storm arose during the night and the water flooded the entire village. Only the old man’s cabin remained on a small island in the middle of the lake.
Great Soča gorgeIn Soča valley we will visit great and small Soča gorge.
Finally, it is time to visit the famous Soča River and experience the activities on or beside the water. The Soča River is one of the most beautiful European rivers and an important natural element of the Triglav National Park. It is famous for its distinct emerald colour and vivid rapids in its upper stream. It is 137 km long and its mysterious spring is in Trenta under the mighty Julian Alps. You will be able to choose between rafting on the Soča River or ziplining high above the Soča River valley which provides great views of the Soča River in the distance. Free time will be available for all who prefer to have their feet firmly on the ground.
In Soča valley- Bovec you can decide it for Rafting, Zip-line or for Canyoning.
Vršič mountain pass – Pegan girlAbove the Vršič pass we will find Pegan girl which is catched in the rocky kingdom of Prisnak mountain
Full of adrenaline, we will continue towards the Vršič mountain pass. A scenic road leads there and Vršič is the starting point for hiking trips to Velika and Mala Mojstrovka, Prisojnik, Planja, and to many other mountains. We should mention Prisojnik, famous for its natural sight – the Pagan girl which you will easily notice from the road. The tectonic movement created the face of the girl. You might prefer the folk tale which says that the girl showed mercy and was kind-hearted.
She also made prophecies to the newborns. She foretold the little boy in Trenta that he will become a brave hunter and become very rich by hunting the white chamois. When her sisters learned about the prophecy they cursed her and she turned to stone. While crossing the Vršič Pass (1615 m), we will also pass the famous Russian chapel and enjoy the best possible view of the Julian Alps from the top of the pass.
Jasna LakeClose to Kranjska Gora we will rich double small lakes Jasna lakes from where you will have stunning views on Prisank mountain.
A party and relaxation at Jasna Lake will be waiting for us at the end of our all-day tour. It has two connected artificial lakes at the confluence of Mala and Velika Pišnica creeks. You will be able to enjoy a 6-meter high viewing platform, take a relaxing walk around the lake, freshen up and swim in the lake, etc. In the end, you will gather the impressions of the beautiful day you spent with us.
Visit 7 Alpine Wonders – Book the best tour in SloveniaWhen we will be in Soča valley you can choose Zip-line adventure or Rafting on Soča river.
Many attractions, beautiful nature, and a perfect break – all this guarantees an unforgettable adventure that you will remember forever. Do not hesitate and book the best and unforgettable adventure in the centre of the Alps today!
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