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Majestic, mysterious, exciting, playful, and unique.

Visit Triglav National Park with ease on this full-day guided tour from Bled. Depart from your Bled hotel and travel in a van to Bohinjska Bistrica. Ride a motorail through the Julian Alps on the way to Triglav National Park. Go white water rafting with your guide in the Soca River. Explore Kozjak waterfall, Napoleon Bridge, and Boka Waterfall before taking a short hike to a spring of the Soca River. Travel by vehicle to the mountain pass at Vrsic and admire the view.

Learn about the area from your guide
Hassle-free pickup and drop-off from your Bled hotel
Travel comfortably in a van
Snap photos from a scenic mountain pass at Vrsic

Endemic animal species, including the wolf, bear and lynx, and bountiful diversity of flora that boasts 19 endemites. In this land of myths and legends, people still live in perfect harmony with nature, attuned to its tradition.

Vast, enchanting forests, deep-carved valleys, high-altitude pastures, and crystal clear waters that flow down from the slopes of the country's highest mountain, Triglav, into rivers, lakes, and brooks.
Diverse relief offers a wealth of natural attractions.
Crystal-clear rivers, virgin forest remains, high-altitude mountain ridges and summits, glacier-carved U-shaped valleys, glacier lakes, raised bogs, and much more. In this part of the globe, nature is at its richest and most beautiful.
The area is home to species of wide distribution as well as those endemic to the Park.

With its diverse climate and a wealth of landscape types, the Triglav National Park is home to around 7,000 plant and animal species, from tiny insects and freshwater fish to majestic red deer and a proud golden eagle.
In addition to preserving pristine nature, our aim to safeguard the area's authentic cultural heritage.

The Alpine cultural heritage in Slovenia is exceptional, and its protection is a top priority task. Besides the famous Aljaž Turret on top of Triglav, the Park is home to another two cultural monuments of national importance.
Hard full-fat cheeses 'Tolminc' and 'Bovški sir' and soft cheese 'Mohant' are great-tasting snacks.
Organic farming and sustainable livestock practices which involve cattle grazing on green mountain pastures are a sound basis for the production of genuine homemade food. Several local cheeses have been awarded Protected Designation of Origin.

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Bled | Slovenia

Lake Bled is located an hour’s drive from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and the country’s international airport, making travel very easy and commuting to any other part of Slovenia fast.

The entire area is a very popular tourist destination due to its amazing history and scenery.