Spend a fun day at Straža.

Straža offers many activities

The climb to Straža is not difficult, you can walk along a nice path, surrounded by spruces, oaks, linden trees and birches.
The hill is 646 metres high and suitable for a nice, easy walk and summer or winter activities. You can climb to Straža along the walking path or take the chair lift. You will not regret it, since Straža is the most beautiful viewpoint in Bled, overlooking the south-east shore of the lake and the entire Lake Bled, the castle, the Jelovica plateau and Stol mountain.

The path to Straža starts across the meadows and continues through the forest along the Bled Fitness Trail, there is also the Bled Adventure Park at the top that has many climbing elements. The park is suitable for beginners and also for advanced climbers, since it provides 5 directions and 81 climbing adventures. In summer, the most popular activity is adrenaline tobogganing along the 520 metres long track down the hill.

In winter, if snow cover is thick enough, the track is actually a ski centre. Although small, the centre is well regulated, offers organised skiing courses and night-time skiing. There are more sport and fun activities available at the foothills of Straža. Those who like stories, can visit the Folk Fairytale Land at the foothills of Straža, where ancient secrets come to life.

Arnold Rikli

Arnold Rikli was the beginner of wellness tourism in Bled who introduced a completely new method of treatment, thus attracting many visitors to Bled. His atmospheric therapies included strict schedule that all participants had to consider. He encouraged his patients to getting up early in the morning, walking and breathing fresh air, sun bathing and swimming in the healing water. Straža was a popular destination for morning walks, where patients ate their own breakfast with them and walked barefoot to stimulate circulation. A monument dedicated to the legendary healer Arnold Rikli stands at the top of Straža, and Rikli's Hike takes place every first Sunday in July to commemorate him.


Move your body along Bled Fitness Trail.
Take a chair lift to the top and enjoy in the beautiful view from various viewpoints.
Stop and view the monument dedicated to Arnold Rikli.
In warmer months, have fun in the Adrenaline Park, ride the toboggan down the hill and enjoy in other adrenaline activities at the foothills of Straža.
Listen to local stories in the Folk Fairytale Land.
Ski on the slopes of the main Bled ski centre in snowy winters.


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Lake Bled is located an hour’s drive from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana and the country’s international airport, making travel very easy and commuting to any other part of Slovenia fast.

The entire area is a very popular tourist destination due to its amazing history and scenery.